Alpha® LimbLogic Sleeve

The Alpha LimbLogic® Silicone Sleeve has been designed for maximum durability whilst working with the LimbLogic controller to ensure an airtight, secure system. As a standalone suspension sleeve, it offers positive suspension that lasts. The repositionable silicone cuff, included with every sleeve, allows patients using elevated vacuum to fix a leak immediately. Should a patient puncture their sleeve, they can rotate the cuff and immediately regain an airtight seal. Additionally, the fabric used on the LimbLogic Sleeve enhances knee flexibility for ease and comfort of movement.

Features and benefits

  • Innovative silicone sleeve with repositionable silicone cuff included
  • Recommended for use with LimbLogic and other vacuum systems
  • Enhances knee flexibility
  • Inner cuff allows user to fix leaks immediately
  • Repairable silicone for extended sleeve wear
  • Replacement silicone cuffs can be ordered separately
  • Uses proprietary platinum-cured, medical grade silicone

Recommendations for use

  • For use with LimbLogic and other vacuum systems. The cuff is placed directly over the socket’s trim line for extra protection and the sleeve is then donned over the cuff. Perfect to create an air tight seal for water activity limbs. Each sleeve comes with a silicone cuff. Additional/replacement cuffs can be ordered separately


Ordering Information

Sleeve with cuff

Product PrefixSleeve ThicknessCuff ThicknessColourSize
LLS-CT (Taupe)3mm uniform2m tapering to 1.5mm proximally and distallyTaupe or BlackSM - Small
LLS-CK (Black)MD - Medium
LG - Large
XL - Extra Large

Replacement cuff

Product PrefixSize
LLC-SM - Small
MD - Medium
LG - Large
XL - Extra Large

Example Product Code:

  • LLS-CTSM (Taupe sleeve w/ cuff)
  • LLS-CKSM (Black sleeve w/cuff)
  • LLC-SM (replacement cuff)


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