Alpha® Silicone AK Liners

Alpha Silicone utilises a platinum-cured medical grade silicone designed for comfort and performance, with an extremely high rebound for high levels of durability. A unique blend of vitamin E and mineral oils promotes skin repair and protection, providing a non-greasy and non-tacky interface for the user.

Features and benefits

  • Low flow prevents silicone migrating away from sensitive areas
  • High rebound maintains original shape for increased durability
  • Suitable for medium to high activity users

Gel profiles

  • AK Symmetrical: 9mm of gel distally for increased comfort, and 2.5mm of gel throughout the rest of the liner. Symmetrical profile allows users to rotate the liner, further extending its lifespan

Alpha Silicone Liners can retrofit with any Alpha Liner that has an AK Symmetrical profile. This means patients don’t need to switch socket to switch liners, making it easier to accommodate a whole range of lifestyle activities.

Fabric types

  • Select: A durable one-way stretch fabric, allowing the liner to be stretched circumferentially whilst maintaining elongation within specified limits. It also helps to control pistoning without a distal matrix

Ordering Information

SizeDistal MeasurementProximal Measurement
Medium Plus 1200-240mm300-540mm
Medium Plus 2240-290mm330-540mm
Large 1280-320mm330-640mm
Large 2320-360mm360-640mm
Large Plus320-390mm410-800mm
X Large370-450mm460-900mm


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