Alpha® Paediatric Liners

Alpha Paediatric Liners are designed to protect young skin. Featuring the Alpha Classic® thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel, infused with mineral oil and vitamin E, these liners cushion the limb and provide protection for children in their highly active lifestyles.

Features and benefits

  • Designed and tested specifically for young amputees
  • High flow means gel adjusts to socket shape to achieve equal socket pressure
  • Low rebound means gel maintains adapted shape over time
  • Extra durable wear-resistant fabric
  • Non-reactive interface, perfect for children
  • Suitable for low to high activity paediatric patients

Gel profiles

  • Uniform: 3mm uniform gel thickness, with less gel posterior to the knee for easier flexion

Fabric types

  • MAX: One-way stretch fabric minimising pistoning whilst maintaining durability and increasing the range of knee motion. Designed for the more rugged user

Ordering Information

SizeDistal MeasurementProximal Measurement
Extra Small10-18cm15-28cm
Extra Small Plus10-18cm20-33cm


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