Alpha® Locks and Suspension System

With the choice of pin-seal, incorporated valves, or the ability to switch from locking to suction, the Alpha lock range includes options to provide security and a comfortable fit for any amputee.

Alpha Lamination Lock

The image of alpha lamination lock

The Alpha Lamination Lock is small, light, and can be used in either a one- or two-step lamination. When incorporating an attachment plate in a two-step lamination, various angle options can be utilised to optimise foot alignment, without allowing the shuttle lock to dictate alignment. An airtight fit is achieved with a pin seal, sealing off the socket. One pin is included in each lock.

Alpha G-Lock

the image of Alpha G lock

The G-Lock is equipped with a one-way expulsion valve which allows for both a suction attachment and a pin lock with seal.

Alpha Mini G-Lock

The Mini G-Lock is designed for application at the upper extremities (transhumeral and transradial), and can also be used for paediatric devices. The Mini G-Lock uses standard pin locking with pin seal.

Alpha Interlock Suspension System

The Alpha Interlock Suspension System offers versatility in one simple package, allowing you to interchange suspension methods between suspension and locking without remaking the socket. After installation of the distal adaptor in the socket, you can insert a pin lock, a lock Lanyard, or a Suction Insert. The distal adaptor can be used in lamination and thermoplastic sockets.

Alpha Suspension Lock

The image of suspension-lock

The Alpha Lock’s contoured design allows for easy pin alignment within the locking system, and includes a built-in one-way expulsion air valve to minimise pistoning. This lock is available with or without a titanium pyramid.

Alpha Lanyard

The Alpha Lanyard consists of a one-way expulsion valve plus a locking mechanism which utilises a pull-cord to trigger its release. This lock is available with or without a titanium pyramid.

Suction Insert

The Suction Insert is a lightweight suction device that is easy to fabricate into a socket using a common distal adaptor.


Alpha Lamination Lock Ordering Information

Part no.DescriptionWeightWeight LimitBuild Height
700-AL600Alpha Lamination Lock200g160kg45mm
700-AL601Alpha Lamination Lock with titanium pyramid260g160kg48mm
700-AL602Replacement lock mechanismN/AN/AN/A
700-AL603Replacement attachment plateN/AN/AN/A
700-ALS482Replacement Interlock Suspention System lock pin 1-1/2"N/AN/AN/A
700-ALS488Replacement Interlock Suspension System Lock Pin 2"N/AN/AN/A

Alpha G-Lock Ordering Information

Part no.DescriptionWeightWeight LimitBuild Height
700-GL481G-Lock with pyramid216g115kg25mm
700-GL481G-Lock pin, 10mm x 38mmN/AN/AN/A
700-GL488G-Lock pin, 10mm x 51mmN/AN/AN/A
700-GL491G-Lock Lamination ToolingN/AN/AN/A
700-GL492G-Lock Thermoplastic ToolingN/AN/AN/A

Alpha Mini G-Lock Ordering Information

Part no.DescriptionWeightWeight LimitBuild Height
700-MGL480Mini G-Lock67g60kg21.44mm
700-MGL490Mini G-Lock body onlyN/AN/AN/A
700-MGL482Mini G-Lock pin, 1/4" - 20mm x 38mmN/AN/AN/A
700-MGL488Mini G-Lock pin, 1/4" - 20mm x 51mmN/AN/AN/A
700-MGL491Mini G-Lock Fabrication ToolingN/AN/AN/A
700-MGL492Mini G-Lock button and stemN/AN/AN/A

Alpha Interlock Suspension System Ordering Information

Suspension System

Part no.DescriptionWeight
AIS-KITComplete Kit*N/A
700-AIS480Alpha Lock204g
700-AIS481Alpha Lock Titanium Pyramid272g
700-AIS100Alpha Lanyard181g
700-AIS101Alpha Lanyard Titanium Pyramid250g
700-AIS500Alpha Suction Insert113g
700-AIS501Alpha Suction Insert Titanium Pyramid181g

*The Complete Kit contains all three distal adaptors and an Alpha Lock, an Alpha Lanyard, a Suction Insert, and a manual. All components in the Alpha Interlock Suspension System have a weight limit of 115kg.


Part no.Description
700-B094M6x45mm Flat Head Capscrews (4st)
700-B092M6x40mm Flat Head Capscrews (4st)
700-B093M6x55mm Flat Head Capscrews (4st)
700-B096M6x60mm Flat Head Capscrews (4st)

Replaceable Parts

Part no.Description
700-AIS102Distal Adaptor ONLY (23g)
700-AIS103Lanyard Attachment Cord
700-AIS104Fabrication Post
700-AIS105Forming Plate
700-AIS106Post Decal Set (10)
700-AIS107Lanyard Body ONLY (113g)
700-AIS108Lanyard Suction Cup
700-AIS109Lanyard Power Grip


Part no.Description
700-AIS482Lock Pin (38mm)
700-AIS483Hardware Kit
700-AIS484One-way Valve
700-AIS486Suction Insert Body ONLY (45g)
700-AIS487Poron Filter
700-AIS488Lock Pin (51mm)
700-AIS489O-Rings (10)
700-AIS492Lock Body ONLY (136g)


Alpha G Lock IFU

Alpha Lamination Lock IFU

Alpha Lanyard IFU

Alpha Mini G Lock IFU

Alpha Suction Insert IFU

Alpha Suspension Lock IFU

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