Alpha® Lamination Lock

The Alpha® Lamination Lock is small, light, and can be used in either a one- or two-step lamination. When incorporating an attachment plate in a two-step lamination, various angle options can be utilised to optimise foot alignment, without allowing the shuttle lock to dictate alignment. An airtight fit is achieved with a pin seal, sealing off the socket. One pin is included in each lock.

Features and benefits

  • Use in one-step or two-step laminations
  • Use attachment plate to optimize foot alignment
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Ordering Information

Alpha Lamination Lock Product Codes

DescriptionProduct CodeProduct WeightWeight LimitBuild HeightWarranty
Alpha Lamination Lock700-AL600200g160kg45mm1 year
Alpha Lamination Lock with titanium pyramid700-AL601260g160kg48mm1 year



Alpha Lamination Lock Replacement Parts Product Codes

DescriptionProduct CodeWarranty
Replacement lock mechanism700-AL6021 year
Replacement attachment plate700-AL6031 year
Replacement Interlock Suspension System lock pin 1-1/2"700-AIS4821 year
Replacement Interlock Suspension System Lock Pin 2"700-AIS4881 year


Alpha Lamination Lock IFU