Alpha® G-Lock

The Alpha® G-Lock is equipped with a one-way expulsion valve which allows for both a suction attachment and a pin lock with seal. Drop-in design allows for easier servicing and replacement without the need for a new socket.

Features and benefits

  • Provides suction suspension and a standard pin lock
  • Use in laminated or thermoplastic sockets
  • Easy to fabricate
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Ordering Information

Alpha G-Lock Product Codes

DescriptionProduct CodeProduct WeightWeight LimitBuild HeightWarranty
G-Lock700-GL480160g115kg25mm1 year
G-Lock with pyramid700-GL481216g115kg25mm1 year



Alpha G-Lock Replacement Parts Product Codes

DescriptionPart no.Warranty
G-Lock pin, 10mm x 38mm700-GL4821 year
G-Lock pin, 10mm x 51mm700-GL4881 year
G-Lock Lamination Tooling700-GL4911 year
G-Lock Thermoplastic Tooling700-GL4921 year


Alpha G Lock IFU