Alpha Duo® Liner

The fabricless Alpha Duo Liner combines the comfort of gel with the durability of silicone. Alpha Classic gel lines the interior, providing all-day comfort with skin-protecting mineral oils and vitamin E. Alpha Silicone covers the exterior, providing durability and protection with a satin finish for easy donning.

A One Gel Sock is included with each Alpha Duo Liner, which aids liner longevity and provides an air wick for optimal suction and vacuum suspension. Designed for transfemoral use, the Duo Liner may be used as part of a passive or active system.

Features and benefits

  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel comfort on the interior
  • Silicone durability on the exterior
  • Easy glide finish for donning and doffing without lubricants
  • Ideal for suction suspension or elevated vacuum
  • Movable One Seal can be placed at the optimum point on the limb to obtain the maximum vacuum possible

Gel profile

  • AK Symmetrical: 9mm of gel distally for increased comfort, and 4.5mm of gel throughout the rest of the liner. Symmetrical profile allows users to rotate the liner, further extending its lifespan

Sealing system

The Alpha Duo Liner is at the core of our sealing system, in conjunction with a One Gel Sock and One Seal.

Included in the Sealing System Kit:

  • Alpha Duo Liner
  • One Gel Sock
  • One Seal
  • Socket Valve

Passive system


  • Alpha Duo Liner & One Gel Sock
  • One Seal*
  • One-way Valve*

*Product sold separately. Please see ordering information.


  • Alpha Duo Liner & One Gel Sock
  • One Seal*
  • LimbLogic® Electronic Pump*

*Product sold separately. Please see ordering information.


Ordering Information


Each Alpha Duo Liner comes with a ‘One Gel Sock’.

The Sealing System includes an additional One Seal and valve. This is not available in size Small.


ProductProduct NumberProduct Page
Socket Valve70250Socket Valve
LimbLogic Side MountLLV-2000-SLimbLogic Kit
LimbLogic Distal Mount - Thermoplastic KitLLV-2000-TLimbLogic Kit
LimbLogic Distal Mount - Lamination KitLLV-2000-LLimbLogic Kit

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