Alpha® Classic Uniform Liner

Alpha Classic gel consists of a skin-friendly blend of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel with mineral oil and vitamin E. Alpha Classic gel has been thoroughly tested for skin reaction and received ‘no reaction’ scores. The gel flows to adapt to uneven socket pressures and optimise pressure distribution, while its low rebound means the liner maintains its adapted shape over time. The liners are heat mouldable, allowing clinicians to heat and stretch the product when needed.
Features and benefits

  • High flow means gel adjusts to socket shape to achieve equal socket pressure
  • Mineral oil and Vitamin E help to keep skin healthy – ‘no reaction’ scores on testing
  • Suitable for low to medium activity users
Interface Material: Classic Gel
  • Alpha Hybrid Liner
  • Alpha Smarttemp Liners
Product Part Number: ALCU Category:


Uniform Profile

The uniform profile is retrofittable with most liners on the market. This means that a user can upgrade to receive the benefits of Alpha interface materials, without having to change their socket.

  • 6mm thick distal end
  • Thins to 3mm posterior to knee

Original Fabric

This tried and tested material continues to provide flexibility for comfort and donning, whilst being supportive enough for a good fit. Its smooth finish means it slides on easily and its durability extends the life of the liner.

Standard Umbrella

The standard umbrella has a standard diameter of 68.6mm on all sizes.

Additional information

Interface Material

Classic Gel

Amputation Level


Outer Fabric


Suspension Type

Locking – Standard Umbrella, Cushion


Uniform mm


Comfortable K1/K2, Pressure Relief


Extra Large, Large, Large Plus, Medium, Medium Plus, Small

Classic gel Volume Management Pads ordering information

Product PrefixSize
Volume Management Pads
ALA-VM-SMVolume Management Pads, Small, set of 3
ALA-VM-MDVolume Management Pads, Medium, set of 3
ALA-VM-LGVolume Management Pads, Large, set of 3


Alpha Liner Manual

Alpha Liner Size Guide

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