Alpha® Classic Sleeve

The Alpha Classic Sleeve with Original fabric is composed of Alpha Classic gel and Original fabric on both the outside and inner cuff. It can be used in conjunction with any of our suction suspension products to obtain added security with an airtight seal. An interior fabric cuff protects the Alpha gel from being damaged by the socket trim line.

Features and benefits

  • Alpha Classic gel
  • Inner fabric cuff to protect sleeve from socket trimline damage
  • Original fabric on inner and outer cuff
  • Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large
  • Buff fabric colour

Measuring Guide

Measure the Proximal circumference 15cm above mid-patella and measure the Distal circumference at mid-patella

Recommendations for use

  • For use with passive vacuum or elevated vacuum products
  • Warranty 60 days

Ordering Information

Alpha Classic Sleeve Product Codes

SizeProduct Code
(Colour – Buff)
Proximal CircumferenceDistal Circumference