Alpha® Classic AK Liners

Alpha Classic gel consists of a skin-friendly blend of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel with mineral oil and vitamin E. The blend is non-reactive and provides a suitable solution for patients suffering from silicone allergies. The gel flows to adapt to uneven socket pressures and optimise pressure distribution, while its low rebound means the liner maintains its adapted shape over time. The liners are heat mouldable, allowing clinicians to heat and stretch them when needed.

Features and benefits

  • High flow means gel adjusts to socket shape to achieve equal socket pressure
  • Low rebound means gel maintains adapted shape over time
  • Suitable for low to medium activity users

Gel profiles

  • AK: 6mm gel base reducing to 3mm thickness proximally to improve hip flexion. The AK profile provides 9mm of gel distally and also a disto-lateral pad, for increased protection of the distal end of the femur

Fabric types

  • Spirit: Flexible unbroken loop fabric allows easy donning and doffing and provides superior knee flexion. Ideal for low-activity amputees and those with limited hand dexterity, Spirit also adheres to VELCRO®
  • MAX: One-way stretch fabric minimising pistoning whilst maintaining durability and increasing the range of knee motion. Designed for the more rugged user

Ordering Information

SizeDistal MeasurementProximal Measurement
Medium Plus200-320mm340-540mm
Large Plus320-470mm440-800mm
X Large370-550mm480-900mm



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