The AllPro is an all-in-one foot, allowing users to easily switch between daily activities and high impact sports. Truly versatile, the AllPro can be worn iin everyday and sporting shoes, meaning the user can work and play like a pro.

The AllPro’s industry-leading flexibility yields exceptional plantar and dorsiflexion, allowing for a smooth walking gait, and its carbon composite design assists in providing a high energy return. These factors combine to provide a dynamic solution which surpasses the user’s needs – whether walking on a flat surface, traversing steep hills, or playing sport.

Features and benefits

  • Suitable for moderate to high activity users
  • Rocker toe for easy and smooth roll-over
  • High energy return and dynamic response
  • Excellent plantar and dorsiflexion
  • Adjustable heel stiffness with replaceable bumper
  • Split-toe for multiaxial function which adapts to all activities
  • RPI pyramid allows two alignment placements in reference to foot length

Recommendations for use

  • The AllPro is suitable for moderate to high level activity patients. Ideal for those looking for excellence in both walking and sporting activities. Industry leading flexibility makes it perfect for use in the gym or on the sports field

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