AFLEX joints are designed to be fitted on paediatric and adult thermoformed AFOs as part of the treatment of neurologic, muscular or traumatic pathologies affecting the muscles around the foot and ankle.

AFLEX joints are available in 3 variants (flexible, straight or arched) to support night time wear, prevent plantar flexion or force dorsiflexion.

Reinforced Straight Ankle Joints

The AFLEX reinforced straight ankle joints are kevlar reinforced and designed for walking AFOs. They prevent plantar flexion of dropped or spastic foot, and as a result, help to limit varus and valgus motions. In addition, they offer excellent resistance to torsion and slight resistance to dorsiflexion motions.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionLengthWidth
2C160Adult reinforced ankle joint44mm16mm (9mm at centre)
2C160#10Adult reinforced ankle joints (pack of 10)44mm16mm (9mm at centre)
2C161Child reinforced ankle joint40mm14mm (9mm at centre)
2C161#10Child reinforced ankle joints (pack of 10)40mm14mm (9mm at centre)

Kit includes

The image of AFLEX-Reinforced-Straight-A2 joints with built-in nuts
The image of AFLEX-Reinforced-Straight-B4 stainless steel screws
The image of AFLEX-Reinforced-Straight-C1 nut retaining tool for tightening
The image of AFLEX-Reinforced-Straight-D2 posterior stops
The image of AFLEX-Reinforced-Straight-E2 moulding dummies with 4 nails

Reinforced Dorsi Arched Ankle Joint

The AFLEX dorsi, reinforced and arched joint offers a curved ankle joint that is strengthened by a kevlar fibre braid. During the swing phase the joints’ natural elasticity forces dorsiflexion and liberates more space for dropped step completion. The joints are available in 3 durometers (90ShA, 80ShA, 70ShA) to cater for different patient needs, and will put the foot into slight dorsiflexion during rest.

Ordering Information

Product Image Part NumberDescriptionHardnessColourLengthWidth
The image of AFLEX-Reinforced-Dorsi-Arched-Joint-70ShA2C162-70Adult reinforced dorsi arched joint70 ShADark Grey44 mm16mm (9mm at the centre)
2C163-70Child reinforced dorsi arched joint70 ShADark Grey40mm14mm (9mm at the centre)
The image of AFLEX-Reinforced-Dorsi-Arched-Joint-80ShA2C162-80Adult reinforced dorsi arched joint80 ShALight Grey44 mm16mm (9mm at the centre)
2C163-80Child reinforced dorsi arched joint80 ShALight Grey40mm14mm (9mm at the centre)
The image of AFLEX-Reinforced-Dorsi-Arched-Joint-Image-90ShaA2C162-90Adult reinforced dorsi arched joint90 ShAWhite44 mm16mm (9mm at the centre)
2C162-90Child reinforced dorsi arched joint90 ShAWhite40mm14mm (9mm at the centre)

Flexible Ankle Joints

The AFLEX flexible ankle joints are recommended for night time wear orthoses. They are flexible and help to improve the comfort of patients suffering from severe spasticity, offering better orthosis compliance thanks to ankle mobility.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionLengthWidth
2C130Adult ankle joint49mm14mm (8mm at centre)
2C131Child/Adolescent ankle joint42mm11.7mm (6.5mm at centre)
2C131-PPediatric ankle joint34mm11.6mm (5mm at centre)

Kit includes

Product Image Product Description
The image of AFLEX-Flexible-Ankle-Joints-A2 joints
4 stainless steel screws
4 split nuts
The image of AFLEX-Flexible-Ankle-Joints-D1 nut retaining tool for tightening
The image of AFLEX-Flexible-Ankle-Joints-E1 posterior stop
The image of AFLEX-Flexible-Ankle-Joints-F2 moulding dummies with 4 nails


AFLEX Reinforced Straight Ankle Joint IFU

AFLEX Reinforced Arch IFU

AFLEX Flexible IFU

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