Aeris Performance 2

This foot represents the evolution of the Aeris Performance, introducing a full split keel and pylon design. This allows the two sides of the foot to move independently, contorting to uneven ground and during turns, and providing enhanced stability.

Compliant Composite Technology within the foot’s carbon fibre material improves flexibility, absorbing shock and reducing stress on the residual limb.

The stacked, parallel structure of these carbon fibre springs forms the Aeris Performance 2’s Advanced Energy Release pylon and its distinctive curve. Each spring independently absorbs energy, before working together to provide a high energy return, with a smooth, stable progression through the user’s stance.

Features and benefits
  • Compliant Composite Technology
  • Advanced Energy Release pylon
  • Split pylon and keel for increased multiaxial performance
  • Smooth transitions from foot-flat to toe-off
  • Enhanced plantarflexion for stability at heel strike

Recommendations for use
The Aeris Performance 2 provides a reliable, high-performance option for moderate to high activity users who require a smooth, dynamic transition from heel strike to toe release.

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