Tube Adaptors

We have a complete range of high quality, durable, lightweight and cost effective prosthetic components. This includes prosthetic clamps and adaptors in a choice of materials.

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Ordering Information

 Part no.DescriptionMaterialDiameterWeightWeight LimitBuild Height
Nabtesco Adjustable Slide ConnectorN-D114Nabtesco Adjustable Slide ConnectorTitaniumN/A190g100kg28mm
Nabtesco Dual Connector with Adjustable Length (60-75mm)N-D231Nabtesco Dual Connector with adjustable lengthTitaniumN/A170g100kg60-75mm


  • N-D114 Adjustable Slide Connector IFU
  • N-D231 Adjustable Double Adaptor IFU
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