3-Point Hyperextension Brace

A lightweight, adaptable brace designed to stabilise traumatic fractures and osteoarthrosis.

Features and benefits

  • Frame made from light aluminium alloy
  • Moveable sternal plate
  • Back pad can be positioned either horizontally or vertically
  • Underarm protective lining in non-toxic, non-allergic material
  • Padded parts made of soft foam with non-toxic, synthetic leather cover
  • Strap with special hook closure system for adjusting length
  • Available with an additional fixed pubic pad or delta-pectoralis pad
  • Spring oscillation of the pelvic strap, with the option of securing at 0 and 18 (for 3-Point Hyperextension Brace with/without delta-pectoralis Pads options)


  • Traumatic fractures(T10-L1/L2)
  • Osteoporotic or metastatic-related compression fractures of the thoracic spine and the dorsolumbar transition (T10-L1/L2)
  • Osteomalacia with fractures
  • Dorsolumbar osteoarthritis
  • Substitute for plaster corset

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