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Supporting the Mentelity Games

2nd February 2020

We are extremely excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Mentelity Games and we need your support in helping us to raise donations and awareness for this great charity.

What is the Mentelity Games?

The Mentelity Games is a 4 day ski and snowboard event for all those with physical disabilities. It caters for all winter sport skill levels, challenging everyone from first timers to those more experienced on the slopes. Participants are able to enjoy days of fun with family and friends, learning from fully qualified teachers and Paralympic athletes, as well as engaging in various activities around the village.

During the closing ceremony of the games, awards will be handed out to the stars of the week. These awards are not about speed or skill, but mentality. Those who show the biggest smiles or help others the most will be the winners, giving everyone an equal chance to come home with a prize.

How can we help?

One of the ways in which the Mentelity Games is funded is through the Hahsaas 12 hour race. This event takes place on March 21st at the Saas Grund in Switzerland, where the Mentelity Games are also staged just a week later. It will feature up to 100 teams of 3, all competing in a knockout competition from 01:00 to 13:00 hours. Ortho Europe will be one of the teams competing in the 12 hour race and whilst our team is vying to win, we are looking to raise awareness for this great charity event as it supports a cause that means a lot to us.

You can donate money to the Ortho Europe team here and help show both adults and children alike that nothing is impossible, and anyone can enjoy winter sports, regardless of their limitations.

Due to current world circumstances the Mentelity Games is postponed until 2021. All current donations will be used for next year’s games.

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