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RUSH EVAQ8: Simplistic, effective and efficient

An image of the new RUSH Foot EVAQ8 Collection

The RUSH EVAQ8 seamlessly integrates an elevated vacuum system into the heel shock of the classic RUSH foot.

Available in HiPro, LoPro or Rogue models, no additional build height is required, preventing any clearance issues for your patients.

How does it work?

  1. The heel shock compresses when weight is loaded onto the foot, forcing air out through the one-way exhaust port
  2. Unloading weight decompresses the heel shock, pulling air in from the socket to fill the space

Your patient can achieve optimum socket vacuum in just a few short steps!

With no batteries or mechanical pump required, the RUSH EVAQ8 Collection is the easiest way to integrate vacuum into your patients’ lives.

Learn more about the RUSH EVAQ8.

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