Silipos suspension sleeve

Our Silipos suspension sleeves are now back in stock!


We are excited to announce that our Silipos suspension sleeves are once again available for purchase!

The Silipos Arm Suspension Sleeve differs from traditional sleeves by featuring a Silipos polymer gel lining that minimizes skin pinch behind the elbow joint. Furthermore, the sleeve is fully lined with medical-grade mineral oil gel, which provides moisture and conditioning for the skin.

Our Silipos BK Suspension Sleeve is designed with maximum comfort, flexibility, and mobility in mind. This transtibial sleeve is constructed from lightweight fabric and is fully lined with Silipos medical-grade mineral oil gel. It effectively reduces friction, abrasion, and pressure on the skin, ligaments, and patella of the residual limb. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at 📨


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