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31st July 2020

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Following the Coronavirus pandemic this year, LimbPower have gone virtual to continue to offer support to amputees and individuals with limb impairments.

Their new services include:

Stay In Stay Active Facebook Group – LimbPower have created private Facebook groups for all of their community members. These groups feature live and saved videos, Q & A sessions and other useful resources to help keep their members active during these difficult times. The link to the group can be found here.

Stay In Stay Active Facebook Group for Juniors – This group features all of the same benefits that the main Stay In Stay Active group does, but with resources and videos tailored specifically to juniors. The link to the junior group can be found here.

Virtual Challenge Series – LimbPower’s virtual participation event features 3 themes, each running for 1 month between August 2020 and January 2021. During this time, participants can take part in as many activities as they would like that are linked to that particular theme. The 3 themes are:
• Distance (running from 15th August – 15th September) – Walking/Running/Jogging to reach a personally set distance.
• Time (running from 15th October – 15th November) – Complete a certain amount of seconds/minutes/hours/days of an activity.
• Numbers (running from 15th December – 15th January) – How many kick ups/dribbles/skills/tennis bounces etc can be completed by the end of the month? What improvements can be made?

A single event entry is £12.50, with entry to all 3 coming at £25. Participants are also awarded bronze, silver or gold medals for each challenge they take part in. To find out more click here.

More initiatives are set to follow at LimbPower, so keep your eyes peeled to see how you can stay active over this challenging period.

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