Back to school with the new FitzKidz catalogue

20th August 2021

Help your patients put their best foot forward for the new school year!

Our FitzKidz range is a well-established and leading range of high-quality pediatric footwear and foot orthotics designed in collaboration with clinicians and manufactured in the UK. FitzKidz shoes are available as stock, modular, or fully bespoke items.

As schools re-open for the new term and children get ready to either start or return to school, parents will be looking for pediatric footwear that offers contemporary styling, long-lasting comfort, and protection for their children.

We are therefore delighted to announce the release of our brand new FitzKidz product catalogue, which will help you to select the best shoes for your pediatric patients’ needs and to support their development. Combining high street fashion with rigorous standards of orthotic care, the new FitzKidz catalogue has everything parents are looking for, as well as the stylish trends that youngsters want to follow.

With a wealth of clinical and technical experience in orthotic design and manufacturing, Ortho Europe has a proven reputation for quality, innovation, and value for money.

Help your young patients by ensuring their foot health and comfort for the 1200 hours spent in school shoes every year. The new FitzKidz catalogue is available to download now or to request a copy please email

About Ortho Europe

Ortho Europe is a leading manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic, orthotic and seating products. Our goal is to promote independence and quality of life by providing robust, innovative and effective devices to thousands of people who need mobility support.
We understand the challenge of finding the right device, with such a complex mix of factors to consider. Ortho Europe’s experience and comprehensive product range enables you to do just that.

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