Clinician and patient using the WalkAide® II

Discover the WalkAide® II – an advanced FES system now available through Ortho Europe!

9th August 2021

Ortho Europe is proud to extend its range with an agreement to distribute the WalkAide® II Functional Electronic Stimulation (FES) device in the UK.

The WalkAide® II is an innovative, wearable, self-contained, splash resistant rehabilitation device with integrated stainless-steel electrodes, which provides an effective treatment option for foot drop during any stage of neuro rehabilitation.

You can program the users Walkaide® II through an application on a tablet or smart phone. The program will be customised to suit their level of activity and comfort. Learn all about it in this helpful training video:

The result is an improved walking experience for individuals with the inability to safely and effectively clear their toes from the ground. Consistent, repeated use of an FES device during a task-specific activity such as walking promotes motor learning and improved independent function.

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