Veldtschoen construction footwear now available at FitzKidz


Ortho Europe is pleased to introduce Veldtschoen ‘stitchdown’ construction footwear within the Fitzkidz children’s range.

Veldtschoen construction is a Goodyear welting shoe production method whereby the lining is welted to the insole edge or the insole bridge before the upper is attached. Once the lining has been welted, the upper is placed on top of the welts and double-stitched onto the midsole. A second stitch connects the upper with the welting and the outsole. This shoe production method guarantees sturdy, waterproof shoes that retain their form.


As of July this year, this construction method is available at Ortho Europe’s central fabrication facility in West Yorkshire, complementing the existing product range. Consisting of nine specialist pieces of machinery used in conjunction with skilled shoemakers, production is now underway, further enhancing the quality and service provided to customers. Fitzkidz’s three most popular styles of school shoes, Jazz, Spinnerz and Smasherz, were the first to be manufactured using stitchdown construction, with the full range now also available.

Ortho Europe Director, James Lyons, said: ‘We have been working closely with our Benelux offices on this project as the market in Benelux for orthopaedic footwear uses Veldtschoen construction manufacturing regularly, whereas in the UK cement lasted construction within the orthopaedic market is the go-to structure of footwear for manufacturing. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our product offering; from customer feedback, this seemed the natural progression for the Fitzkidz range of footwear, demonstrating that we are committed to embracing innovation and continually enhancing our customers’ experience. I have no doubt that our stitchdown construction shoes will support the active lifestyle and comfort of paediatric patients.’

‘To my knowledge, we are the only UK manufacturer to now offer both cement lasted and Veldtschoen footwear within this market sector. We will also look to roll this manufacturing method out to our Footmatch adult range of modular and bespoke footwear at a later date.’

To find out more about stitchdown construction or the Fitzkidz range, please contact Customer Services on 01274 481122 or email, or view the full range of footwear online.

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