Para-badminton player Bobby Griffin talks about life with his RUSH foot


Bobby Griffin is the Para-badminton UK champion and is currently training and playing fulltime. In this video, he talks about the impact wearing a RUSH foot has made on his badminton, his life, and his attitude towards wearing a prosthesis.

In 2008, Bobby was involved in a life-changing motorcycling accident. Despite suffering multiple injuries, surgeons managed to save Bobby’s leg. With true grit and determination, he started the long road of rehabilitation. After 18 months of unsuccessful operations and physiotherapy to try and gain full mobility without the use of crutches, he made the decision to have an elective below-knee amputation.

Since his amputation, Bobby has reacquainted his love of Badminton – a big part of his life since childhood. Due to his previous Badminton training and coaching, he found that his foot movements on the court were natural and instinctive, but this created its own problems:

“There are certain shots and techniques I have been doing over the last few years that have broken carbon fibre feet… I think I broke 9 different feet in about 3 years.”

Thankfully, Bobby didn’t suffer any injuries, but it did cause damage to his intensive training schedule. It also affected his game, as he was beginning to feel apprehensive performing the natural movements that were making him so successful on the court:

“The most frustrating thing for me was that I was scared to do those movements and those patterns. Every time I knew it was going to be a heavy landing, I feared that it was going to break.”

In August 2015, Bobby was fitted with the RUSH Foot and immediately felt an increased level of confidence when playing:

“As soon as I put the foot on I loved it, and just that piece of mind and confidence I had that I could move freely on it, and that it wasn’t going to snap, meant that I didn’t want to take it off.”

The RUSH foot allowed him to train for the Word Championships uninterrupted. It will play an integral role in his prepartion for future World Championships.

Watch Bobby’s full interview and see the foot in action below.

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