OdrA: The most technologically advanced solution to knee osteoarthritis

15th February 2018

The dynamic custom-made OdrA knee brace, available at Ortho Europe, offers a unique mechanical solution for the pain caused by medial compartment osteoarthritis (OA).

Rather than applying pressure to three points like other OA knee braces, OdrA introduces a twin ‘distraction-rotation’ action to relieve knee pain.

A medial hinge lengthens the brace when the leg is extended, creating a distraction between the femur and tibia, and reducing pressure on the painful knee joint. Simultaneously, a lateral hinge shifts the joint back along its midline, rotating the foot outwardly to block the abduction that causes painful pinching in the knee.

The brace consists of a flexible thigh band and rigid lower band, connected by the two metal joints that provide pain relief and more stability than other braces. Its mechanical effect is immediate and comfortable, with many existing users wearing the brace for upwards of eight hours per day, and with one study finding that a third of OdrA wearers no longer needed to take pain medication after 12 months of use.

OdrA can be used by a wide range of patients suffering from OA in the knee: they are custom-made to a cast of the patient’s lower limb, and are fully adaptable for all body shapes. The brace may also be worn on both knees at once if care is taken to ensure the knees and braces do not rub together.

Although OdrA was specifically designed for the treatment of painful medial compartment OA, it is also indicated for use by: patients who suffer from pain during physical activity and when using stairs, those who are on a surgery waiting list, and those who no longer tolerate anti-inflammatory drugs. The brace may also be worn when practising sport, and by patients who have undergone meniscus surgery.

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