New insole ranges: Orthoticks and Memopur Select


Ortho Europe is excited to announce our recent partnership with DOLA, making us the exclusive distributors for Orthoticks Poly and Pro insoles in the UK!

The Poly range consists of five prefabricated insole styles for all your patients’ needs, using a thermoplastic polymer specifically formulated for orthotic use.

The Pro range presents the ultimate in prescription options: outstanding function and features in a cost-effective package of fully-customisable prefabricated insoles.

These two insole ranges are compatible with a wide variety of additions, ensuring you can precisely treat your patients’ foot complaints.

We would also like to introduce our new Memopur Select insoles: the newest models in PU insole technology. With five styles to choose from, these insoles use state of the art processing and materials to provide the right insole for any shoe or foot ailment – including high heels!

Learn more about Orthoticks Poly, Orthoticks Pro, and Memopur Select.

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