An image of the Fillauer foot range

New feet from Fillauer!


Introducing two new durable feet to our prosthetic range: the Aeris Performance 2 and Aeris Performance LP from Fillauer.

These feet are created from an enhanced carbon fibre material which incorporates Compliant Composite Technology (CCT) to improve flexibility, absorb shock and reduce stress on the residual limb.

Both feet feature multiple springs in a stacked, parallel structure to form an Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon. Independently, each spring acts in turn to provide a smooth, stable progression from heel strike to toe off. They then work together to release energy and create a dynamic transition from push-off to toe release.

This pylon, and the keel of the foot, is split, allowing its two sides to move independently, contorting to uneven ground and during turns, and providing enhanced stability.

The Aeris Performance 2 represents an evolution of the Aeris Performance, enhancing its design with a recognisable curve and split keel and pylon to provide reliability for moderate to high activity users.

The Aeris Performance LP is a lower-profile version of the foot, updating the classic Aeris Solution and exceeding expectations for any low to moderate activity user.

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