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Make the right choices: Vascular Disease Awareness Month

17th September 2019

Throughout September, The Circulation Foundation is running a national campaign to step up the awareness of vascular diseases.

Vascular diseases are now as common as cancer and account for 40% of deaths in the UK. They are therefore likely to affect you, or someone you know, during your lifetime. Many of these deaths are avoidable through early detection and lifestyle changes, making it a necessity to understand the main causes of vascular diseases and how you can avoid them.

How orthotics and prosthetics can help those who suffer with vascular disease

At Ortho Europe we are committed to helping individuals who require robust and effective prosthetic and orthotic devices. This can often be as a result of vascular conditions, one of the primary causes of leg degeneration and amputation in the UK, which makes Vascular Disease Awareness Month particularly important to us!

Orthotic products can be used to aid blood flow and reduce the chance of any blood clots, and to support and protect tissue. In more serious cases, prosthetic products can be used to make amputees as comfortable and confident as possible. All our ranges come as stock or bespoke to fit all of the patient’s needs.

If you feel you or anyone you know may be at risk of developing a vascular disease, consider the following lifestyle changes which can help to improve vascular health:

  • Exercise
  • Diet – healthy vascular foods include fruit and vegetables (eat the rainbow!), whole grains, oily fishes and nuts
  • Look at reducing at drugs you may be taking for any other illnesses

Talk to your local GP and make changes before it’s too late, and make a fight against the rise of vascular diseases this September.

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