Need some help in selecting the right LimbLogic® system for your patient?


For any patient wearing a prosthetic leg achieving a consistent, comfortable and secure fit is of paramount importance as at no point whilst wearing the device do they want to feel a loss of suction. Thankfully there are devices available which can help achieve this.

Both the LimbLogic® and LimbLogic® M electronic elevated vacuum systems developed by WillowWood offer ultimate socket comfort for amputees who lead a full and active lifestyle.

LimbLogic® is an easy-to-use electronic elevated vacuum system featuring easy adjustment via a handheld fob or iPhone/iPad app, inductive charging, and a choice of mounting style. Perfect for users who would like to control their vacuum settings with an iPhone app.

Or for transtibial amputees who prefer a simple, elevated vacuum system the LimbLogic® M is an ideal option. This low build height, four-hole mount pump with rotatable distal pyramid provides clinicians easy set-up in a prosthesis and flexibility in componentry selection and alignment.

Need help to select the right one for your patient? Then check out this comparison guide:

Limblogic & Limblogic M Comparison Guide

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