Introducing Ortho Europe’s new suspension sleeves, a secure sealing solution for lower limb amputees.


Sealing sleeves are needed for vacuum and suction suspension in order to provide a secure connection between the prosthesis and the limb.

Ortho Europe is now able to offer both straight and pre-flexed suspension gel sleeves in a range of sizes that provide a secure sealing solution to each lower limb amputee.

Ortho Europe straight and pre-flexed suspension sleeves are designed to minimise shearing loads and provide users with additional rotational stability. The sleeves can be used as a primary or secondary suspension method, are available in a variety of sizes and colours, and feature 3mm of TPE gel giving users both high adhesion and comfort.

Click here to view Ortho Europe’s full range of lower limb prosthetic liners and sleeves, including the range of straight and pre-flexed suspension gel sleeves.

About Ortho Europe

Ortho Europe is a leading manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic, orthotic and seating products. Our goal is to promote independence and quality of life by providing robust, innovative and effective devices to thousands of people who need mobility support.

We understand the challenge of finding the right device, with such a complex mix of factors to consider. Ortho Europe’s experience and comprehensive product range enables you to do just that.

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