Give your old legs a new lease of life


What do you do with your old prosthetic legs?

Throw them away? Put them in your loft? Don’t even know? At Ortho Europe, we proudly support a number of charities, one of which is Legs4Africa.

What is Legs4Africa?

Legs4Africa is a charity that collects old prosthetic legs from the UK and Europe and sends them to mobility centres across Africa to be reused. Over 5000 unwanted prosthetic legs end up in landfill each year – and many more are discarded in cupboards and garages – and yet they still have plenty of life in them. Legs4Africa ensures your old legs do not go to waste and instead gives African Amputees the chance to regain their mobility and independence.

A story of success  

Thanks to the generosity of UK donors, Legs4Africa has been able to help hundreds of amputees – and the support doesn’t end at providing a limb. Community support networks are critical for many amputees, at both a physical and emotional level, and can have an enormous impact on people’s livelihoods. Legs4Africa hosts and promotes numerous workshops, groups and activities, resulting in some great successes…

  • Starting out as a group of 4-5 friends meeting from time to time for a kick-about, the Gambian Amputee Football team has now grown to a squad of 14 who train twice a week!
  • A craft skills development workshop for women was held recently in Uganda, teaching participants how to make jewellery out of beans, fashion flowers out of leftover fabrics and weave accessories out of banana leaf fibre. The women all received a starter pack of materials, allowing them to go back to their communities with the instruments and skills for a better future.
  • Ten members of the Gambian Amputee Association started 2020 with a mental health awareness and peer counselling course – equipping them to help not only fellow amputees but also the wider community.

Stories like these wouldn’t be possible without donor support – Legs4Africa needs our help!

How can we all support Legs4Africa?

There are several ways you can support this great charity, including donating your old legs, delivering a leg to Africa, or setting up regular donations. Get in touch with Legs4Africa directly to learn more.


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