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Enhance stability with Ortho Europe gaiters


Available as stock items, or made to measure on request, Ortho Europe gaiters hold joints safely in extension whilst preventing excessive movement.

The range can be worn on either the arms or legs, and feature three metal inserts to stably immobilise the elbow or knee. Our gaiters may also accommodate flexion contractures if necessary.

Choose from five lining types and 20 colours and patterns to suit your patients.

Available with a choice of linings:

  • Cotton: soft, breathable, and adds very little bulk
  • Terry: absorbs moisture after wicking it away from the skin
  • Sheepskin: offers additional protection to soft, delicate skin
  • Temperature regulating: prevents the onset of sweating

As of 1st march 2019, all of our gaiters will be manufactured at our production facility in Bradford.

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